porto_hotel_outsideDid you ever have EUREKA moment? Ms. V. Bučienė had it while travelling. And today hotel and entertainment center “Porto”, which is located in region of Plungė near Žemaitijos regional park, is a living proof.

“Porto” was founded in 2008 by V. Bučienė. During the opening ceremony she revealed how she got this business idea:
“Many our business ideas were born while travelling. About 15 years ago while playing bowling abroad, we came to an idea that our building near Plungė would be a perfect place for bowling alleys. We have also decided to set up a restaurant for visitors and players. Sbar_at_Portoince we are located on the crossroad, an idea for a hotel seemed to be reasonable too”.

The hotel “Porto” was opened in July, 2015. Many renowned people came for opening ceremony. The mayor of the city Plungė Audrius Klišonis with founder V. Bučienė cut the symbolic red ribbon. The priest of st. John‘s parish sanctified the building. During the opening ceremony the owner of “Porto” warmly thanked everyone for coming and expressed her hopes of many years of prosper and fruitful work in the future. Bučienė also added that during her 20 year of travelling she has learned mistakes other hotels are making and how to avoid them. She admitted that she will give all her efforts to make the hotel cozy and hospitable. After that, mayor highlighted that having “Porto“ hotel will only bring benefits and prestige to the city, because it is an astonishing place for tourists and guests.

Most of the people ask why hotel was named “Porto”?porto_sea “The word Porto in many languages means harbor or gate. Once, staying at the Porto city we have realized that it will be excellent title for us. This place looked like a gate to the seaside and from there to Lithuania” – told V. Bučienė. The hotel nicely represents this idea by being completely furnished in a sea style. The rooms are spacious, have furniture made out of natural materials, so everyone is able to have a good rest in pleasant environment. PortoNewfangled reception desk and conference room amiably blend in the hotel interior. Moreover, the hotel building is only 43 kilometers away from Lithuanian seaside.

A few years before, a smaller hotel was functioning here. Now renovated four-floored building now can host up to 70 people. Inside the premises, there are: separated reception desk, a convenient conference room, SPA complex with a swimming pool, Finnish & Turkish bathhouses and bowling alleys. You can enjoy panoramic views from the roof terrace too. There are 25 rooms in total and everyone contains a cable TV, free Wi-Fi, business equipment, modern and comfortable furniture. “Porto“ hotel also has a  friendly staff, who is ready  to help and fulfill all your requests.

“Portobouling_Porto“ also offers gift-cards for visitors, if they want to make a nice surprise for their friends or relatives. There are three gift-card options you can choose from:

  • A dinner at the hotel‘s restaurant;
  • A bowling game;
  • A dinner at the restaurant and a bowling game.restaurant_at_Porto

It is a great solution, if you are in a hurry, or simply you do not have time to look for a great gift.

Furthermore, by Bučienė initiative  a “Porto hotel bowling club“ was established. The club is responsible for various bowling tournaments. Companies and their employees like to come here and compete with each other for the symbolic prize.reception_Porto

This hotel and entertainment center  is remarkable and welcomes visitors from all over the world. It is one of the best in Lithuania (responsible committee of Lithuanian State Department of Tourism awarded “Porto” hotel with 3 starts in 2015). The hotel has also become a member of Lithuanian hotels and restaurants association. Come and find out for yourself!

Monika Dievaitytė, Volunteer at Institute