happiness_work_Isaac_RubinEntrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to be more successful and recently most of them are unanimous about the fact that travelling to different countries helps to achieve successful businesses.

According to Bruce Poon Tip who founded G Adventures and wrote Looptail: How One Company Changed the World by Reinventing Business, his leadership and management style are effected by people from different cultures. He believes his that his ability to observe other cultures and knowledge about various traditions has also an impact in developing his leadership skills.

Travel does not have to be a holiday for resting, it can also be a tool that educates you using unconventional methods and helps you to gain valuable skills as well as to develop your professional personality. 94% of entrepreneurs and business leaders state that travelling during their studies time had played an important role in their careers as well as in the process becoming better entrepreneurs.

  • Develops ability to adapt: You learn to survive in different situations that can come up unexpectedly, and find ways how to handle any abrupt challenges. It helps to build confidence through risk-taking and improves ability to make effective decisions.
  • Develops communication skills: You observe and meet different people, this helps to prepare yourself for different types of colleagues, customers and business partners. You get accustomed to other cultures and their traditions, you learn to use your body language for better communication.
  • Improves cultural awareness: Globalization makes it possible for experienced and young entrepreneurs to meet with people from all over the world. Travelling conduces to accept other cultures, to be open-minded and think out of the box, to see the world around with new eyes and to find confidence to try new things.
  • Assists to discover new networks: It allows you to build relationships with people around the world and helps to strengthen networking and interaction skills. You can rise faster if you know how good connections work.
  • Develops teamwork skills: You’re forced to rely on others’ strengths and compromise your desires for the betterment of the group. It also allows to share your experiences with fellow-travellers and create a coherent atmosphere.
  • Teaches to work with constraints: You learn how to work with limited resources.

A travelling entrepreneur distinguishes with creativity, location-independence and wanderlust. You learn to structure your time well and to hire the right people, which are the key to success. Additionally, B. P. Tip gives some advises for entrepreneurs:

 Business life is sentimental. Entrepreneurs mustn’t make their decisions based only on data, they must to trust their instincts.

 Do not create a working place like everybody, don’t read same books, wake up on the same time, spend their time in the same place, you should better hire people that have different skills, educations, knowledge and enjoy working with diverse team.

 Travel inspires to innovate and develops imagination. Therefore, once a year, B. P. Tip sends his employees anywhere they want to go around the world and make sure they tailor their experiences.

see_more_travel_learnAccording to Harvard Business Review, travelling and living abroad have long been seen as good for the soul. What’s perhaps less well known is that they’re also good for any kind of organization. People who have international experience or identify themselves with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and show more creativity and more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted. Their research shows that 60% of students who have lived abroad longer, perform better in problem solving and make important decisions much easily.

After entrepreneurs and businessmen have realized the importance of travel, some companies have assessed this as a fantastic business opportunity and founded specially structured offers for that purpose. Companies like Copa provide venues, entertainment places, events and travel experiences offer for business people who are looking of enjoyable and interesting time spending opportunities with their clients and partners while delivering all important return on investment.

Successful Travel, Successful Business

There are many proofs that travelling and living abroad, meeting new people, visiting new places help to develop successful business, to foster entrepreneurial and personal skills, to broaden horizons, to accept other cultures and respect them, it also helps to solve problems and approach difficult situations from different perspective.

Hence, if you want to have innovative and healthy business, you and your employees should travel, embrace new experience, develop new skills and stay open-minded for new opportunities.
Fatma Ertoy, Intern at Institute