When perfect job does not satisfy you

Jordis Šatūnas (35) and his wife can put sleeping bags near to a lake and enjoy the romance of mosquitoes buzz in the middle of the night or together with his son do nothing for two hours just listen to the water splashing. Man, who wants to change the world took off the suit and declined a good job offer a few years ago. Today he is trying to live in a way where he can help others to feel better.

There was a time when Jordis got up and went to the well-paid job each early morning. He would be wearing business outfit even durjordis_satunasing the hottest summer. He used to spent weekends at the bumpy parties in the capital of Lithuania and believed that this is how a great life looks like.

I lived a very comfortable life: I had an apartment, a car, a good job, a good salary and I went to fancy parties. I had everything I wanted and the whole life was going well”- he said.

Jordis was a creative director in Spain for several years. Later he received an offer to work in the medical field – he trade dental equipment in Lithuania. His career here was developing very successfully. Jordis started as a marketing manager and then go promoted to the entire department manager with opportunity to travel through Lithuania and Europe.

 “I liked everything and I had a good life, but eventually thoughts that something was missing or even wrong, started to dominate. I stopped feeling passion. I was plagued by the fatigue constantly. Finally, I realized that I cannot carry on like this any longer. I started to think that I need to change something. I constantly kept on looking for the stories on the Internet about how people bought a one-way ticket and have changed their lives”- Jordis told.

Clear mind brings to clear understanding

Jordis asked himself, how he would like to see himself in 5 years. And he realized that the dream-life certainly differs from the current one. There was a time when Jordis would turn his wishes into reality and would fulfill his dreams to full extent. So, he decided that it is also not a time to consider the opportunity to swim downstream.

 enjoy_life_kite_shop“I just needed to know what exactly I wanted. I needed to take a challenge. I knew that everything will be OK if I quit my job. I did not have any plan, but I knew that it is not enough to rest a little bit or take vocation. I needed to take bigger steps. Steady work for many people means liberty and not suffering: you may enjoy the city life, plan vacation and live in your comfort zone. But this did not give me any satisfaction”- interlocutor smiled.

He left his job and began to practice meditation. Jordis also graduated the intensive courses of neuro-linguistic programming. Finally, he walked down the famous St. Jacob (sp. “Camino de Santiago”) road. It is pilgrimage route which takes almost 900 kilometers. It starts in France, Pyrenees and passes through all Spain. This road has been known since the Middle Ages, it counts over 1000 years. After two weeks Jordis has started to hear his own thoughts. Head slightly became clearer and he started to listen to himself, identify real desires and aspirations. life_is_life_kitesHe understood what he likes and does not. Visions become clear, wishes were acknowledged.

After the trip, Jordis Šatūnas together with a friend has founded a kite school “Life is Life”. He wasn’t new in power kites field. Due to power kites he had sold his motorcycle. Jordis decided to indulge the passion and turned it into work and lifestyle. Now this job provides huge amount of colorfull experience each day. His business is growing rapidly at the moment. Additionally, J. Šatūnas organizes camps for children and adults, who are interested in power kites. Jordis also opened a shop, where he sells accessories and equipment for power kites surfing as an entertainment or sport. On top of this he has established the kite-lovers community.

Do what makes your soul happy

Sincerity and non-commercial point of view are the main values of Jordis’ company. He has discovered a wonderful and meaningful way to bear happiness for a world and teaches people to enjoy the nature.

trading_comfort_into_windAccording to Jordis, pleasure is also provided by the people with whom he works. He used to communicate with people, who are drowned into their work and a continuing consumption, people who are always haste and do not have time for themselves. Today he meets customers, whose eyes are shining and hearts are open. When they are dressed in hydro-costumes and fly the waves, they all look the same – everyone is happy, eager to learn more, no matter whether it is a general director, a student or an unemployed person – all of them become equal.

He gave up on a comfortable life and serious work in order to experience the wind in the true sense of the word. Jordis appreciates his inner state of mind the most – balance of mind and harmony. According to him, he could live forever like he lives right now: surrounded by wonderful people, having perfect working conditions and lots of meaningful travels. As a result, this entrepreneur has never regretted that he decided to change his life fundamentally.

jordis_water_windI do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I am convinced that we need to change everything what is annoying, exhausting and cause depression. You can always come back where you had been! I love challenges! I always accept new challenges. I am out of reach, mostly on every Thursdays during the cold period. At this time I do not use the telephone or the Internet. This allows me to do a lot of work that I could not finish due to the distraction that Internet or telephone bring. It is good to dissociate from the daily environment! “- Jordis said.

This success story encourage everyone to make some changes in their life if they feel that the work they do is not fulfilling or they keep on waiting for changes without doing anything. Let’s go to pilgrimage! This kind of travel helps to clear your minds. Knowing what you want from life may come to light on the road. Nature reveals the best in person. There is not fight, no competition, and no lie in nature. According to the Jordis, if you are looking for meaning of your life, don’t go to SPA, wild fancy parties or do parachuting, only being in silence helps to understand what you want and what is unacceptable for you.

Odeta Grabauskaitė, Project assistant at Institute