Sometimes you just get lucky in making business out of your passion. We share another success story that has been developed while travelling.

Arūnas Paulauskas is a 23-years-old man from Kaunas, who loves travelling. He is always looking for new experiences, friends and ideas while travelling .Arturas Paulauskas Arūnas has a degree in tourism: he completed undergraduate studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) two years ago. Today he is continuing studies at Vilnius University International Business School. Although Arūnas’ studies are related to tourism, he has decided to start his business in catering field.

“I’ve always liked Italian food, as well as the culture of service when guests get dishes directly from the restaurant owner. During the trip to Sicily I met current business partners from Italy and Portugal. These entrepreneurs already had experience in restaurant business and were looking for the development opportunities abroad. They were planning to open a new restaurant. I knew Lithuanian market and find out that there is a good niche for a new restaurant in Kaunas city. Hence, I have offered them cooperation possibility”- says Arūnas Paulauskas, director of JSC “Makaronai” and Sicilian food restaurant “Capo”.

When we decided to go into business with foreign partners we had to adapt slightly the ideas, which were proved in other countries. We also had to explain our foreigner partners why institutions, investors and suppliers have troubles in trusting new businesses enterprises. capo_pizza_barAccording to the interlocutor, foreigners were flexible in adjusting our tax environment, but could not understand the distrust in new entrepreneurs.

Partners kept on asking why A. Paulauskas did not get a credit to start a business. “I had to explain that for very new company it is more difficult to receive a credit, because it is necessary to fill the necessary documents and so on”- said Arūnas.

The start of this business was not easy, but it turned out into very successful one and CAPO restaurant is very popular right now.

One of the business partners runs a similar restaurant in France. Several new employees of the Arūnas’ company were sent to gain experience in France before the opening of the restaurant in Kaunas.


“We want to prepare food authentically as much as it is possible. Therefore pizza are baked by the bakers from Sicily” – says Arūnas. The restaurant’s menu holds rich selection of pizzas, pasta dishes and other Italian dishes.

From the idea to open until real opening of the restaurant has passed over half a year. According to this smart young entrepreneur, restaurant’s marketing team was ready to use an aggressive marketing strategy in social media, but after the successful opening they have realised that advertising “word of mouth” works much better than they have expected.

“We have planned to implement an active advertising in social networks and spend a considerable amount of money for it. However, it was enough to organize joyful opening party, invite a band from Sicily and the wave of positive recommendations rippled through the town. We focus on middle-income people, as well as families with children. Currently we provide lunch of the day and seems that employees of nearby offices already are enjoying this offer” – Arūnas told his success story.

Apparently idea developed while travelling pays off well for this young entrepreneur.
Odeta Grabauskaitė, Project assistant at Institute