VOYAGE team has visited World Travel Market in London, 2-5th November, 2015.

 As it was expected, the travel fair was full of notorious actors from tourism value chain, who willingly were sharing good practice, ideas and offers for the future cooperation.

The visit was extensively productive for VOYAGE team as several partnership agreements were signed.

Gurol_Birgen_ALANYAFirstly, we are happy to announce our future cooperation with Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation (Turkey).
Alanya offers a variety of options to those who want to spend their holidays here with its thousands years old history, Mediterranean and Anatolian mixture of culture and architecture. Besides having unique coasts more than 100 kilometres, the town satisfies those who are interested in history and fascinates nature-lovers. The main tours organised in Alanya are: Boat Tours, Jeep Safari, Rafting Tours, Quad Safari, Dim Brook Tour and Diving Tour.

Gurol Birgen, a boad member of Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation was excited to become part of VOYAGE challenge and expressed a sincere appreciation for opportunities to collaborate.

Another successful cooperation agreement was confirmed with Gozo Tourism Association (Malta). The Gozo Tourism Association was set up during a general meeting held for tourism operators in Gozo on the 11th February 1999.

The main objectives of the Gozo Tourism Association as spelled out in its statute are:

  • To unite all persons, companies, partnership or associations, operating associations operating in the tourism industry in Gozo.
  • To promote Gozo as an all year round distinct tourist destination.
  • To secure, foster and promote the fullest co-operation of the members of the Association in dealing with all questions concerning and affecting the tourist industry.
  • To protect and promote the interest of the members of the Association.

Joe Muscat GOZO tourism MaltaThe association incorporates all sectors in the tourism industry including the hotels, restaurants, diving centres, self-catering establishments, estate agents, tourist attractions and other sectors related to or have direct interest in tourism.

The association is governed by a Council formed from fourteen members elected during the Annual General meeting. The business of the Association is conducted by the Executive council, while the running of the Gozo Tourism Associations’s office is administered by Mr Joe Muscat, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

One more successful cooperation agreement was staged with SE1 Media company, a Tourism Industry Leader in Digital field, and the Digital Tourism Think Tank, an international knowledge hub that aims to provide thought leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice.

As specialists in digital tourism strategy, marketing and design, SE1 Media believes in delivering a level of industry knowledge that no agency can beat and the highest level of expertise in their delivery. SE1 Media employees are a highly driven and creative team, always striving to push the knowledge in digital tourism marketing to the edge. SE1 Media mission is to combine innovative ideas and realistic solutions. To fulfil this mission, the team brings to the table a vibrant mix of research insights, industry experience and creativity.SE1-Media-Logo-180

SE1 Media has a unique expertise of working with tourism destinations all around the globe. They have an in-depth understanding of their inner workings and the complex stakeholder environments that they operate in. Their clients’ needs are at the core of all our activities. SE1 Media team is a leader in their field and offer very personal and highly bespoke support and advice on all digital aspects of your brand. With them, you will never get a standard of-the-shelf solution. The solutions SE1 Media offer are tailored to your requirements and if needed we are not afraid of pushing the boundaries. SE1 Media approach for all of their activities is a mixture between a foundation in research, innovative thinking and creativity.

The strongest areas of expertise SE1 Media shares is digital landscape analysis, competitiveness, knowledge transfer and innovation.

The Digital Tourism Think Tank is an international knowledge hub that aims to provide thought leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice. In essence, it is a professional industry platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practice and expertise in digital.

DTTTThe Digital Tourism Think Tank and its founder Nick Hall are supported by his team at SE1 Media, who have great experience in the tourism industry. In addition, the Digital Tourism Think Tank puts together a  team of experts in diverse and varied fields of the tourism industry.

In the past year,  the Digital Tourism Think Tank has become something of a tourism industry phenomenon, creating strong interest amongst the marketers working inside tourism organisations, companies supplying to the industry, NGOs representing the industry and even international political institutions, whose role it is to support the industry. The Digital Think Tank’s activities span across four key areas: Case studies, events & workshops, best practice and research.