Nora_Dunn_nomadic_business_travellerAdventurous travelling is an excellent way to earn for a living. The best thing about being a traveller is a freedom. It is wonderful when you can make money wherever you want, for example from the magnificent seashore. The diversity of people you meet gives unique experience for the whole life.

Nora Dunn is a great example of how to travel in a financially sustainable way and how to find free accommodation anywhere. Being a financial planner, she hardly imagined to spend the next 30 years of her life at the same place. Moreover, she wanted to fulfil her dreams of travelling. As a result, she became one of the most successful and inspiring travellers.

What extreme changes did Nora do?

In 2006, Nora sold everything she owned in Canada, including a busy financial planning practice, in order to embrace her dreams of travelling and living around the world. N.Dunn_embrace_her_dreams_of_travellingShe’s been on the road ever since, having lived in and travelled through over 50 countries.

How to generate income being on the road?

Through caretaking and volunteer work you can minimize your expenses, live and travel for a long time on very humble budget. Nora Dunn is also a writer (on the subjects of travel and personal finance) it helps out to live on the road. It is an ideal career to work as a Professional Hobo, as all she needs is an internet connection to reach out her audience. Nora is very open-minded therefore promotes fellows also travel bloggers. Since her travel began she has been helping others accomplish the same through her blog called The Professional Hobo. As an entrepreneur and public speaker-performer, she is always looking for the next business opportunity.N.Dunn_moving_from_one_place_to_another

Nomadic business and lifestyle

Nora used to live in different locations, moving from one place to another. Besides, she aspired to see the world while she was young. Moreover, she lived in a way of inspiring others to take charge of their life, make brave decisions. Consequently, she found out that this kind of lifestyle is an incredible treat. There is nothing more poignant to help others to learn more about themselves than to go through the stress of travel and to discover new places.

Intriguing and free accommodations around the world

N.Dunn_user_of_WoofingNora Dunn found out a perfect way of trading work for accommodations around the world – Woofing, it is an internet platform, linking volunteers with organic farms and growers, where people can find various type of work, though usually it is centred around working on organic farms.

This platform has helped her to discover the Caretaker’s Gazette, which connects people looking for rent-free living with those who need caretaking help or house-sitting.Nora_Dunn_member_of_Rotary_International

She’s also a member of Rotary International, a world-wide organization of people dedicated to help others through fundraising and volunteering in meaningful projects.

The coolest way to make moneyUltimate_Train_Challenge_N.Dunn

She has been contacted randomly by television producers and taken around the world having filmed two different shows in three countries, she’s been given opportunities to travel crazy distances by train. Moreover, she has joined the Ultimate Train Challenge, which was held from Lisbon to Saigon, duration of this challenge was 30 days, travelling all on trains. All these adventures and challenges allow her to keep passion for travel and writing.

Dunn believes that the best thing about living a life of travel and adventure is:Nora_Dunn_passionate_traveller

  •  The ultimate freedom to go anywhere in the world.
  • Life-long adventure to make travel a lifestyle and not just a trip.
  • Cost to travel full-time can been less than the cost to live in one place.
Jovita Laurinaitytė, Intern at Institute