Slide8VOYAGE project is targeting the greatest and the most professionally as well as personally interesting participants who want to join VOYAGE crews going to Cyprus – Turkey in April 2016 and Sicily – Malta in May-June 2016. Our goal is to compose 8 groups out of 60 extraordinary youth who are not afraid of challenges, like travelling, fun and are willing to learn new entrepreneurial skills as well as to improve themselves in leadership, decision-making, team-work, negotiation, communication, marketing, etc.

In order to make the selection process entertaining and fun, VOYAGE team came up with some extra challenges for future VOYAGE crew members. Apart from 3 Calls that were organized for primary selection process, VOYAGE team has also decided to challenge people by further engagement in VOYAGE project. We received a huge amount of application, unfortunately only 60 will be selected for VOAYGE project stage. So, those who wanted to secure their seats on VOYAGE boat for 100%, had to get involve into various competitions and be outstanding.

gabijaOne of the tasks was logo creation for VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel.  Our main requirement for logo design – reflection of key objects of VOYAGE project: networking, travel, entrepreneurship, experience, challenge, fun, professionalism, sustainable development. The contest was open only to amateurs and students, and no professional design agencies or their employees’ submission were accepted. Bunch of entries with many exclusive ideas for VOYAGE logo had reached us, and after a long discussion between partners, VOYAGE team has finally decided to choose logo created by Gabija Platukytė. Congrats for both parties, as you could say that VOYAGE project won an amazing logo for the entrepreneurial travel product.


LIKEs_competition_winnersAnother competition was related to participants self-promotion on social media and collection of LIKEs on Facebook as well as YouTube (the highest score of LIKEs ensured their placement on VOYAGE boat 100%. Moreover, the winners are allowed to bring one friend each, which served as additional motivation to compete. Consequently, the finalists from three Calls were firmly competing for placement in VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel. In order to beat contenders and get the win, the innovative tactics, crafty strategies and resourceful methods were applied (from pizza discount to funny videos and celebrities’ support). After a fierce fight for LIKEs, VOYAGE team has announced 3 WINNERS: Adreea Diana Chirita, Andrius Janusauskas and Mindaugas Anusauskas.