january_tour_voyage_teamOur key goal is to spread good news and to enable inquisitive ones to get all the knowledge that they need. Therefore, new year, new trips. VOYAGE team is back on a road and continues to tour presenting outstanding opportunities for young entrepreneurs, who are willing to experience challenges and to make changes in their life. VOYAGE team is ready to lead them into professional and personal freedom.

During January 2016, VOYAGE team visited Canary Islands (Spain) and Romania, where the project and VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel opportunities were introduced to local partners.

The first trip was to Canary Islands on 18 – 21 January, 2016. Here VOYAGE team was warmly welcomed and many useful connections with different organizations were made.

A lot of networking and tête-à-tête meetings were arranged. Individual good practice was shared and potential partnership opportunities were discussed with Universidad del La Laguna, Transportes interurbanos de Tenerife, ESIC group, Smart Solutions, Korum advisor, Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico de Tenerife and Turisfera.

The most important news from this trip is a confirmed agreement with Turisfera. The president Ms. Dolores Rguez De Azero of Turisfera has affirmed her interest in sustainable development of VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel and on behalf of the organization has expressed her willingness to launch a new itinerary of VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel in Canary Islands.

Another trip was on 28 – 29th January, in Braila (Romania). VOYAGE team had a meeting with representatives from Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori (Romania), BASD (Bulgaria),
Plasticfood project centro culturale ed artistic (Italy), Inercia Digital (Spain), ADU (Romania), and Colegiul Tehnic ‘Edmond Nicolau’ (Romania). The meeting was held in ‘Hariclea Darclee’ School of Arts, Braila.

Everyone was interested to hear about development of entrepreneurial travel and potential opportunities it provides, because for most of them it is a new and innovative concept, which obviously leads the development of useful skills. Consequently, participants were very motivated and willing to know about VOYAGE project and entrepreneurial travel as a tourism product.

After a brief presentation, participants VOYAGE team has received inquiries about possibility to participate in VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel.

We are fascinating about travel and challenges. So if you want VOYAGE team to visit you, just sent us an email with explanation why you want us to come to your place!

Submit your inquiry to voyage@europe-institute.com with subject: “we want to host VOYAGE team”