voyage_challenge_trainersAfter amazing pilot training of VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel in Croatia – Montenegro in April and in Sicily – Malta in May – June, VOYAGE team continues with awareness raising events. This summer is dedicated for promotional activities in Lithuania.

Youth festival “Varom”

Youth festival “Varom” (“let’s go”) 2 – 3 July, 2016 was organized by one of VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel participant Simonas Dailidė. After a successful and bursting with excitement experience in entrepreneurial travel in Sicily – Malta, Simonas was happy to improve annual festival, adding some new insights. He invited VOYAGE team to join the festival and share information about such an exclusive opportunity with others. VOYAGE team was promoting entrepreneurial travel by challenging visitors of the festival to spin VOYAGE challenge wheel and to accomplish various tasks. This became one of the most interesting activities of the festival.

VOYAGE space in Varom festival was full of various activities for 3 days.

VOYAGE mentor Simona Šimulytė presented a deep and thoughtful presentation called “Illusion: to laugh or cry. Or why conflicts emerge”. Her speech has definitely gave “food for thoughts” for all listeners.

Later, another presentation was followed by photographer and VOYAGE participant Kristina Sireikaitė. She gave a lot of interesting insights on how people can capture a whole story in one picture! Feeling doubtful about such statement? Check her pictures from VOYAGE travel. You will be impressed, no doubt about that.

“Cultural Week”  in Palanga

“Cultural Week” cycle in Palanga is a festival that will last all summer. One of the events – leadersship summer camp dedicated for responsible leadership skills development of youth. VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel coach Simona Šimulytė was training participants of summer camp “Žali Žmogeliukai“, 9 – 15 July, 2016. The key task of the training was to organize civic event related to responsible leadership. When the participants discovered 2 old pianos in youth centre of Palanga, they decided to go for the event “save the piano” (#iškelbėkpianiną). Video, news coverage and pictures can be found on Facebook

We can gladly announce that “save the piano” event in Palanga was very successful and people started to donate pianos in different cities. Second event took place in Klaipėda during Sea festival. Other “save the piano” events should take place in Vilnius, Kaunas and Panevėžys.

Sea Festival in Klaipėda

Annual Sea Festival in Klaipėda, 29 – 31 July, 2016. During the eight decades of its existence, the festival has not lost its originality or appeal, it did not become obsolete or boring to neither the community nor the guests who arrive in Klaipėda just for the festival.

About half a million visitors from Lithuania and abroad have visited the Festival, and the participants were able to take part in more than 100 different events during this lively week-end. Differently from previous festivals, this year activities were spread to various corners of the old town. VOYAGE team together with Lithuanian Tourism Department were located in “Tourism street”.

VOYAGE challenge wheel with its fun though challenging activities attracted many visitors. Lithuanians as well as tourists from abroad were enjoying the games and souvenirs that we prepared. Once again, the results proved that people like challenges, they like to compete and difficult task is implemented, they feel proud and feel that they deserve the gift we award them with. In this way, VOYAGE promotion gifts symbolise something more than just a souvenir, it becomes a reminder that after hard work and their efforts, a reward was given as a proof that they accomplished something.

Regatta and Final conference of VOYAGE

Sea festival was followed by Regatta – a week length event organized by Lithuanian Sailing Union (our partners).

The coordinator of VOYAGE project was convinced by the captains to include final conference of VOYAGE into Regatta. It’s a huge festival that attracts crowds and people who are interested in sailing. Moreover, it’s a common knowledge that during summer season in Lithuania it’s easier to attract crowds in “holiday places”, like Nida, than in capital. Hence, as we are seeking for broader information dissemination and this correspond to one of the points from promotion and marketing strategy, the decision was made to organize VOYAGE final conference in Nida on 5th August, 2016.

A day before, VOYAGE team together with some VOYAGE challenge participants and the project office Valentino Izzo (from the EASME agency in Brussels) had an informal meeting. The meeting was dedicated to overview pilot results and to hear insights from participants regarding the training.

The next day, during VOYAGE final conference the president of Lithuanian Sailing Union Nagils Nasvytis together with VOYAGE project initiator and mentor Simona Šimulytė presented VOYAGE project and entrepreneurial travel product to the public. S. Šimulytė shared a brief summery about the project achievements and how the idea was developed into a real product with exclusive results. Presentations were followed by video testimonials during which VOYAGE participants were sharing their emotions and impression about VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel, how it change their attitude and inspired to work on their professional as well as personal life.

After the official presentations and discussion with the public, activities of VOYAGE final conference split. One group continued with sailing in Regatta and another group continued to engage with the public calling people to spin VOYAGE challenge wheel and win gifts.

Project officer Valentino Izzo during the final conference gave a very warm and encouraging speech encouraging VOYAGE team to continue with their amazing work. He announced that VOYAGE project was chosen as one of the best co-funded project by the European Commission and invited VOYAGE team to present their outstanding achievements in September, 2016, in Brussels

All presentations were recorded and professionally designed video will be uploaded on our video channels (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) shortly. Follow us on social media and our official website  and be the first to get all the news!

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