#Išgelbėkpianiną at Šiauliai

While everyone was relaxing and preparing for the New Year’s party, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative studies Institute had no time to rest – we had a mission. There was a piano to save.

Some time ago, one of our colleagues received a call about an unwanted piano. Having saved 7 pianos in 3 different cities in the past, we knew exactly what we were going to do with it.  One piano. Several cans of black spray paint. White markers. A crowd of volunteers. All of this was waiting for us in Šiauliai on 30th of January, 2016.

W1642 Public House that acted as our “hospital” for the piano. You’d imagine that with such an army of volunteers we would repaint and decorate the piano in a jiffy. Surprisingly – no. After approximately 8 hours of work, we had our best piano yet.

You can find it at W1642  Public House, Vasario 16-osios street, Šiauliai.
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