“Couching in a learning process” is a research that is being made in a national scale of 60 Lithuania’s schools, 9 youth organizations, and 7 cultural institutions. The end of this research is foreseen to be on 10 January, 2011. During the research received results will help to prepare recommendations and to give it to the administration of school.

PI “European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Study Institute” made a research, which aim was to find out the use of couching adaptation in the education process. A method of “Focus group” was used and questionnaires were made in order to reach the aims of this research. 1346 respondents were questioned in this research.

On the whole, 160 people participated in “Focus groups”: 16 groups of 10 participants. 575 students, 400 teachers, 22 specialists of education help and employees from Learn all life administration, parents of 30 students, 75 members of youth organization, and 84 employees from cultural institutions in all Lithuania participated in questionnaires.