The domain is extremely essential for all types of business or it can be a business itself. But everybody who tried to pick the name for the domain probably have encounter some difficulties. We live in 21st century so almost everybody has websites for everything and the biggest problem could be that all of the coolest names for domain have already been picked-up. But is it true?


Before choosing the right name for your domain, you should ask yourselfwhat is the purpose of your website?

If you are trying to create a website for your hobby or special interest, then the domain name should be related to that hobby or interest. If the answer is “to make money” or “promote my business”, then your aim should be to include key words or even the name of your service or product into the domain name. It will increase reachability of your website positively, especially on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). And of course, it is much better if your domain name describes or explains to the new visitors what type of content can be  found on the website.

How to start creating your domain name?

If you already have well developed product or service name, use it for your domain. Though, if your business is called “best outfit” or similar, most likely the name will be taken. In such case, firstly, think of several words or phrases, which could describe your subject the best. Try to brainstorm several words, which in your understanding are relevant to the subject you are interested in. For example, if you are selling or producing vacuum cleaners try words like dust, clean, vacuum cleaner, maid, clean or similar. Once you have a list of the words you can start to pair them or add prefixes & suffixes to create an ideal name for your domain.

It is essential for domain names to be as short as possible. Short names are easier to remember. Try using 6-10 consecutive characters. To come up with memorable title is extremely important in successful business or other activities. If people can remember your domain name they will get into social dialog much easier by sharing, telling and “selling” your company’s name for their friends. Long names make difficulties to remember them or even to find the website. It looks ridiculous when the domain name is too long and nobody can ever remember how to type it. Additionally, short names will also fit better on business cards,  offline media and other promotional material.

Can't believe I've forgot

Make it easy to type and try to avoid hyphens and numbers.

The branding and marketing techniques create catchy words and sounds, which does not require considerable attention to type correctly. Hyphens and numbers usually create obstacle in verbalizing and typing your domain name, though sometimes numbers can work in your advantage (unless you use commonly known expressions like, 2 equals “to or “too”, 4 equals “for”, etc.) If you want to shape your business in a professional manner, try to avoid slang. For instance, is much better than . Apart from informal expression, it might be hard for potential customers to find you.

Choosing abbreviation (or acronym) can work both ways: on one hand, an abbreviation could clutter up your domain name, making it ugly and forgettable, on the other – if abbreviation forms a word that is catchy and related to your business – that will work in your favor. For example, “VOYAGE – Valuable Opportunities You Are Given in Europe” is a good acronym for tourism project.

Hence, the good domain name should be: memorable, simple, unique, catchy, informative, and relevant.

When you come up with a name, do the background research and make sure that the name is not taken. If it is, look for alternative terms and expressions: use thesaurus for synonyms or ask your friends and colleagues to brain storm with you. . This is a huge challenge to come up with a creative name, that can be remembered, spelled properly and sellable, though worth trying as it can determine your business success.

Trust your guts

domain_dot_comWe have shared with some advices, but you do not have to follow any rules if your guts are telling you otherwise. Sometimes the best domain names make no sense and do not explain their product or service (, etc.) Despite that, they are still ones of the best known and the most often visited websites. Consequently, being original and not following the rules sometimes is the best you can do.

Today a domain name is one of the most significant aspects of your brand’s identity. Therefore, it is extremely important for your business to be visible and exclusive in this century of new media and new technologies. Creativity and originality is still essential, but nothing will matter if you cannot be found online. An expression “if you are not on Google you don’t exist” might seem unfair for you, but it is vital if you want your business to prosper.

Miglė Kondrackaitė, Intern at Institute