Can you do it now? Like, right now? If you want something and you have a dream, that’s very good, but if you cannot pass “Grandma’s test” (description of the idea (business) that is comprehensible for anyone who is unrelated to it) or deliver ‘”Elevator speech” (a short summary that quickly and simply define your business and its value proposition), most likely your success in business will be limited, as this vision is understandable just for you.

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2_good_habits_tipsWe know how hard is to get rid of bad habits. Therefore, just imagine if you had some good habits, which work like an “auto-pilot” even during the lowest moments of the day. Many authors have already talked about the power of habits and how it affects entrepreneurs. It is scientifically proved. One of the advices is to write down all bad habits, that you want to get rid off, in one column and in the column aside transform them into good habits. Exercise new routine for at least 30 days, this will steadily turn into the new habit.

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3_plan_things_tipsDrawing timetables and schedules of your work and goals is a good habit. You can exercise it every day, every week, or once a month, the most important thing is to keep track of the time and duties that you have planned for yourself. No one will punish you for not making something on time, but a better organized work day will improve your self-control and productivity. Keeping all the necessary plans and duties in your head will occupy your “free space”, which could be used for creating new ideas. Thus, more things will be done if you follow the plan and avoid dull tasks.

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4_one_step_tipsWhen you have a big goal, it is better to split it into several pieces and focus on each part at a time. Most of us get distracted when trying to work on big tasks because they’re so big and energy consuming. When you break it down, mark out urgent/ less urgent tasks, and relate it to the timetable, it is much easier to concentrate and get things done. If you still procrastinate any of the tasks, this means it is still too big and you need to split it to smaller pieces once again.

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The best entrepreneurs are lifelong learners. These people never stop reading, analyzing, developing new skills, learning from their and other people mistakes. You might not have any time (or money) for additional training degree, but you can read books related to your business or take free modern open online courses (some of these platforms provide courses delivered by the world’s best ranked universities). The day when you will think that you know everything and will not need to have lessons anymore, will be the day when your success will start rolling down the hill.

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If this tip sounds a bit lame, answer the question: what is knowledge and wealth without health? If you had to choose good, but not posh life with very good health or posh life in 5 starts hospital and constant medical care, what would you choose? Work hard, live good life, but remember to take care of yourself because your body and mind is the key accelerator that brings all that wealth to you.

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7_remember_tipsIf you are whining because of your age, just stop it now. This is not a key obstacle to start your own business. Mark Zuckerberg signed up in Facebook at 19 and Charles Flint launched IBM at 61. There are many more stories about successful entrepreneurs, which prove that age is not the factor that determines success of a business.

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8_be_expert_tipsPeople feel more confident in dealing with experts. Choose a field you are good at, develop and update your skills constantly, and inform others about your expertise. You can promote yourself as an expert, or have someone who will do it for you, for example, a colleague who directs customers “to the professional with 15 years of experience in his field”. Interviews, articles by you or about you, TV shows, promo events, etc. – all are useful tools that can help you to disseminate information about your expertise.


9_think_positive_tipsIn this case, positivity is more related to creativity, than to optimism. If you are in a dark tunnel and see the light, what will you think: will you assume it’s the end of the tunnel or you will get scared that the train is coming? Find the leverage. In these types of situations you should stay focus and think about various possible scenarios: if it’s the end of a tunnel, that’s awesome, if it’s a train: how to solve the problem, what are the options, what actions you should follow, etc. Contemplate all possible solutions you can come up with when you need to resolve a problem (use solution and not problem oriented focus). Always (always!) think about creative ways how to move forward and stay positive – concentrate on your progress and stop thinking about your limits.

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Raimonda Iškauskaitė