We are always proud of heroes and their heroic achievements.

Why they are always ready to take risk and to make sacrifice to safe other‘s life?

Simon Sinek compares the concept of sacrifice in army and in business. Only those, who sacrifice to save other soldier, are awarded in army. In business it is completely different: all the worker sacrifice not for each other but for business profit. In other words, medal winners are those who work and sacrifice only for their company achievements.

If you don‘t have time to watch the full video (45 minutes), read the description below.

Do you wish to work in institution where you can trust your colleagues, knowing that everyone is always ready to sacrifice for you? And I am not talking about supreme sacrifice – nowadays we are afraid to lend some money for someone“.

Great leaders are made not born. We work hard to achieve instant happiness, glory, delight, love and joy. All these feelings are chemically made in our organisms. S. Sinek distinguishes 5 main chemical principals, responsible for our feelings and even our happiness. He thinks that all these things can be explained biologically.

One of them – endorphins is sedative and can bring short – term euphoria.

These hormones are released while running and getting ‘second wind’ or achieving personal goals. It is common to think that we have to have our aims written or somehow marked. This advice can also be proved biologically. According to S. Sinek, people use to pay attention to visual things. For this reason, our aims have to be visual, that we could concentrate on them. It‘s rather difficult task to be motivated and inspired when there is no clear and written aim. The same can be said about business vision and goals to achieve. The word itself is a reference to the clear, understandable, visual aim. However, most of the companies only want to be the best, the most innovative and fastest – growing or having the highest respect. They do not have a clear vision.

Sinek criticizes those visions – “my dearest, whose? Mom‘s, friend‘s, shareholder‘s? Who knows it?”

It should be clear instantly when we first hear it.

Dopamine hormone brings happiness but also can lead to the serious addiction.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs causes an increase of dopamine and addiction to it. Also, it can be increased via technology. “If you want to drink alcohol just after waking up you will be called alcoholic. But if smartphone is in your hand all the day aren’t you also addicted?

The symptoms of this addiction are distraction, absent – mindedness; people are not able to finish their works even to concentrate on one task.

Another thing we are usually addicted to is a desire to always achieve excellence at work. We are usually surprised when we hear about the addiction. But it really exists. There are always numbers of money to earn given to the employees. It becomes a source of dopamine.  We try hard and harder and harder…Until we can‘t stop, we are hungry for this happiness hormone. Oftentimes, we unconsciously sacrifice our time and even relationships to get the hormone.

Hence, running and achieving goals bring endorphines and dopamine hormones, however, it won‘t make you really happy. Serotonin and oxytocin are required for it. These are essential elements fora good leader.

Serotonin is the leadership element responsible for honour. People need appreciation, awards and award ceremonies. Only then serotonin increase self – esteem to both the one who is awarded and who gives the award and the relationship between them as well. We are always grateful to those who care of us. The best teams do not play for the victory or fame. They play to make their coach proud of his team. The only problem of serotonin is that we can get it only naturally. We cannot get it when buying material things as expensive latest cars. It only looks like we get it, because we live in materialistic society.  However, it does not maintain relationships.

We seek status and privileges, not thinking about how much we have to pay for being a leader. Good leader is not self – seeking and egoist. Leader is the one who is responsible for the others and is not afraid to take risks. Also, leader is always ready to make sacrifice for his team. The most important task for the leader is to make everyone in organization feel safe and secure. We cannot avoid the outside danger and risk but leader is usually responsible that there wouldn‘t be any inside problems. If the leader doesn‘t do that all the team cannot concentrate on their work and creativity, they are always trying to ensure their own security.

Oxytocin is the last component of happiness and success. It is the symbol of love, trust, friendship and security. People get oxytocin through the physical contact, even when shaking hands. It is a sign of trust.  Noble and generous actions that require time and energy expecting nothing in return is another way to get oxytocin hormone.

Person who says “I’ll pay you more” is not a leader. True leader sits next to you and asks “Can I help you?”

The fifth element, which we should try to avoid, is cortisol. It only brings stress, fear and we become paranoiac. Suddenly, we are no longer able to improve our personality. For this reason, we should try to avoid the actions that brings cortisol and makes us nervous, selfish, less confident and generous. We have to try to maintain emotional security.

 There are not many “safe” organizations. Most of the companies are killing for their workers and it happens due to the leaders’ fault.