At first you raise your aims, however, then… you start to engage in other “important” things.make_things_happen

You make your work list, however… you do not follow it.

It repeats again, again, and again… Is something wrong with you?

Why we are able to imagine things that we can do, but it is hard for us to accomplish it?

Mistakes that are made by every effective stimulating system

The truth is that we do not pay the attention to one of the most essential things, which have an influence to our productivity – emotions.

Emotions are an integral and the main part which leads to people behaviour. We can not ignore our emotions because our brain structure is made in such a way, that when there are feelings and thinking, almost all the time feelings wins. According to the research, emotions are strengthened more with the fight and effort to stand against it. So we should focus on emotions in order to make changes. How to do it?

Here are the main three steps that can help you to reach your personal goals:

1. Be positive


Most often we are delaying our activities when we are in a bad mood. The research shows, that happiness increases our productivity and success. Everything is for the optimism, however, how to become an optimist, if you do not feel like optimist? The answer is simple – you have to control the progress, which you are seeking, and celebrate your achievements. Harvard University, research of Teresa Amabile shows, that the best thing that motivates people is progress. Progress is the most positive experience and it makes an influence to the atmosphere of inner work. The researchers are confident, that the essential principle of management, which makes a big influence to life of inner work, is progress and its promotion.

2. Get the encouragement

Encouragement and remuneration make us feel good, while punishments cause bad emotions. Therefore, both these means can act as motivational systems. Researches show, that even three quarters of something that we do is done for some kind of remuneration.

Even though it sounds similarly to animal training, but a small encouragement after every step ahead helps to strengthen motivation and increase the efficiency. If the encouragements are not effective enough, you can try to make a promise and, if you brake your promise, for example, if you will not be able to finish your planned work in time, you will have to give your friend 100 litas. If you have a lack of motivation, you can invoke positive and negative means to increase it.

3. Feel peer/congenial pressure

approval_positiveStudies show, that children get more benefit than damage from the peer pressure. (We should admit, that we are big children, who most of the time try to be adults and these efforts make us exhausted).

You should
communicate with those people who you want to be with. It is less harmful than to do “what you have to do”.

Those achievements, that you want to reach, will become much easier and realistic, if you will be surrounded with the appropriate people. Studies show, that if you are in the group of people, which has high goals, it is natural that your goals and motivation to reach them will also increase.


Do you have your work list of this day? It is great. It means, that the most rational thing now – stop being rational. Use your feelings:

  • Be positive
  • Award yourself for the achievements
  • Feel peer pressure

When you have your plan, what you want to do and these three mentioned steps, everything can be possible. You can achieve it. If you believe that you can, so it means that you have already overcame the first step. Believe yourself and it will help you to become more motivated and more productive.

Edita Andriuškevičiūtė