Are you a freshman in a labor market? Well, if you want your career to kick-off smoothly with possibility to prosper in the future, it means you will need to work extra hard. Moreover, you will need to adjust your personal life and get some new habits.

If you are not ready to sacrifice your love-novels or you are too busy to plan your day, it’s OK, we just warn you that this might lead you to less challenging work with smaller annual incomes. On the other hand, those who are ready to shape the path of their career towards prosperity should keep in mind these things:

Purposive_read1. Purposive read

You like to read? Good! But science fiction or love stories will not improve your skills at work (unless you are a love stories or science fiction writer). You should maintain useful readings as a habit in order to grow as a professional. Self-improvement books from “habits of rich people” to “update your work knowledge” or “educate yourself in a new area” – all readings are good as long as it broadens your understanding and deepens your work knowledge. You should focus on things that might help you to achieve success at what you do and choose the literature accordingly.

2. Go above and beyond at the office40_hours_or_more

If you work 40 hours a day like it’s in your contract, most likely you will be evaluated as a good employee who does what he is expected to do, but if you want to take your career to the next level, you should do more than your job requires. Offer your help to colleagues or join a committee and take on responsibilities that aren’t necessarily part of your job description. Your boss might not notice your efforts and input at once, but in a long run it will pay off.

success_fail.png3. Monitor your productivity

There are two ways to improve your productivity: make a “to do” list of daily, monthly, yearly plans and set the deadlines for each activity. Ability to be well organized is a highly valued feature by employers as it is important for them what they can expect from you and if they can trust you with the deadlines of important things. Additionally, when you write down the tasks, you don’t need to waist your precious time on remembering things you need to do. Besides, it can be very motivating to see all these tasks you’ve managed to implement.

4. Speak up and don’t be afraid of commentsspeak_up

Do you have many good ideas? Good, tell them to your boss. Many employees, especially the freshmen, are afraid to speak out their mind as they don’t want to be criticized or laughed at. Yes, there is a chance that your ideas will not be passed or will receive comments, but instead of getting angry or upset, listen to the remarks and make notes, then update your ideas or find a better alternative. The most important thing is to keep on looking for solutions and developing new ideas. As Edison once said, “I didn’t fail 1.000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1.000 steps”.

be_likeable5. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

This old proverb is saying that without time off work, a person becomes both bored and boring. Hence, embrace new hobbies or activities, socialize with colleagues during coffee breaks and spend some time with them after office hours. If you are productive and likeable person, you will get better chances to be promoted.

6. Keep your goal in sight

goal_in_sightTell yourself (or better write down in once sentence) what is your goal. When you determine it, find out what is needed to achieve it. Successful people focus on their goals every day. It is important to know, that a wish is not a goal. Your goal needs to have features:  it has to be achievable, and there should be a physical action you can take to pursue it. Do you want to be promoted but not sure how to show your boss that you are ready to take a new level? Firstly, inform your boss about your intensions and then ask him/her what is needed from you to be short-listed for the promotion. Remember, your success is highly related to your determination and ability to keep going towards your goals. Failure is not a decision, it’s just another challenge along the way.

Raimonda Iškauskaitė