customer_service_Europe_InstituteThese days more and more business are founded. The constantly service sector growth affects the growth of client’s needs too.  Nowadays, it is not enough to compete just on price exclusively when there is such a big variety of goods or services and clients have an opportunity to choose between the lowest price and the highest quality products and services.

During economic stagnation the price of service sector was strongly reduced, as a result, the quality of services was affected negatively.  Later, when economy returns to its own track, the income of clients was growing and the average quality of service was not acceptable. Because of the changes in demand both, the service sector and retailers are forced to raise the quality of services and one of the ways is to improve customer services. Currently, there is a tendency that especially the private sector employers are usually willing to invest in staff training.

tele2_client_serviceFor many years the price leadership position in telecommunications services is taken by the company ‘’Tele2”. This company are changing its strategy to bring the balance between the lowest price and the highest quality. The representatives of “Tele2” highlights that more and more customers choose mobile operator by their quality of service and because of this reason, the company plans to improve these areas by investing in it.

lietuvos_pastas_client_service“Lietuvos paštas“ is taking care of the quality of customer service too.  Couples years ago they create and implement customer service standard in the whole network. Since then, the post office is taking care of customer’s service improvement by constantly invests in employee training. Over the past years the customer service in post office ‘’Lietuvos paštas“  has changed a lot and the improving results were confirmed by the secret buyer research. During the research, information has been received which is useful for the further improvement of customer service, because it shows places and competences employees need to improve.

maxima_client_serviceThe customer service is also very important for store network.
Trading network ‘‘MAXIMA LT“ unified customer service rules at the all network and combined them into a customer’s service standard.  After installing new customer service standard, additional investments will be allocate to employees training. As in the post office “Lietuvos paštas”, this year “MAXIMA LT” make a secret buyer research, which showed that before implementing new customer service standard, siauliu_bankas_client_service“MAXIMA LT” had higher results than general Baltic countries and Lithuanian service indicators.

The banking industry keeps up and it is making big investments in order to ensure high quality of customer service. Last year ‘‘Šiaulių Bankas“ focused  on improving customer service by creating and implementing a complex of measures. A large attention was given to get service employees involved. The research of secret buyer showed that the input was not for nothing, because in 2014 comparing with 2013, the results of secret buyer research rise almost 20 percent.

Even public sector, for example, Lithuanian courts take care of customer service. At present, there is existing project “Courts customer service standard”, which main goal is to define and standardize the basic requirements of high – quality customer service and train staff.  identify_your_customers_needs_Europe_InstituteAfter the employees training course had done, new secret client research showed that quality of customer service in eight Lithuanian courts has strongly improved. Furthermore, the plan is to train staff and implement these standards in about ten Lithuanian courts.

As we can see, the examples shows that each year there is more and more Lithuanian companies and institutions, which invest in employees qualification and service improvement and try to get along with customers through quality service.  Survey shows, that making the investment in customer service improvement helps companies to get more earnings and better results. High- quality service is the key to any business success.

Gabija Bačinskaitė, Intern at Institute