Successful Business Assistant

The association Teisėtvarka together with partners Vytautas Magnus University, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute, council of youth organization of Marijampolė “Apskritas Stalas”, Utena’s union of public youth organization  “Apskritas Stalas” and Lithuania’s vocational rehabilitation and vocational training confederation implemented a project “Successful Business Assistant”. No. VP2-2. 2-ŪM-02-K-01-016.

This project is implemented by using 2007 – 2013 years EU structural finance funds, according to 2nd priority of economic activity program “Enlargement of business efficiency and improvement of business environment” means VP2-2. 2-ŪM-2-K “Assistant-4”. Project is financed by finance funds of European Regional development.

Goals of this project:

  • To help young people to make a successful business from their ideas;
  • To develop youth enterprise, promoting new, innovative technologies, and high added value, that are creating the rise of companies and which can satisfy the needs of the market;
  • To give the help and training-consultations preparing innovative business plans;
  • To fill the existing information gap between entrepreneurs, who are searching for financing the creation of new companies, and who are searching for investors, that are looking for interesting investment projects;
  • To increase the vitality of SVV subject;
  • To cherish the culture of entrepreneurship in Lithuania.

Participants of this project:

Young people and subjects of SVV

The coverage of this project

Utena district municipality, Marijampolė municipality, Alytus district municipality, Anykščiai district municipality, Birštonas municipality, Elektrėnai municipality, Ignalina district municipality, Kalvarija municipality, Kazlų Rūda municipality, Molėtų district municipality, Pagėgiai municipality, Prienai district municipality, Šakiai district municipality, Šalčininkai district municipality, Širvintai district municipality, Trakai district municipality, Vilkaviškis district municipality, Visaginas municipality, Zarasai district municipality.

The object of this project:

To promote the entrepreneurship between young people, to help them to generate and implement business ideas for small and medium-sized business

For young people

The process of this project:


 “Preparation for the flight” – the event which is stimulating the enterprise in Your city. This is inspirational success stories of known people, advices and knowledge of local people. A team of speakers that is formed of various relevant business spheres. A team game “Protų mūšis” which helps to move grey brain and also a prize for winners.

An event – is a primary stride, trying to imagine an innovative idea according to these criterions:

  1. social idea;
  2. an idea of innovative service;
  3. idea of ecology;
  4. idea of civic business;
  5. knowledge based civic idea;

Event participants:

  1. brings together a team of 4 people (it is like a prototype of a company with an office leader, accountant, leader of a product, manager, and so on);
  2. invents an innovative business idea;
  3. sends the idea after the event within 3 working days to an e-mail

It were announced 3-4 best ideas from Your municipality, which were improved and gave the opportunity to make it real!


Consultations “A beginning pilot” (every team is given 24 hours of consultations) it is an exclusive opportunity to verify your business idea, to find partners, to wait for minded people, help of enthusiasts and specialists, and to promote your ideas into a reality. Authors of best ideas, in teams (4 people in one team) after the first stage will work with professionals from various spheres – accountants, lawyers, specialist of marketing, audit activities, and human resource experts. During consultations all most important business aspects of establishment and development will be discussed: planning, marketing, public communication, design, finance, development and more.

High quality consultations for young people:

  • What you should know if you want to start a business?
  • Business planning. Preparation of business plan. Establishment of a company. Basics of business finance management. Risk of business and it’s management. Law of work.
  • How a good leader should look like?
  • Formation of team. Management and motivation.
  • An influence to health of bad leadership. The responsibility of a leader.
  • How to sell a product or service?
  • Basics of marketing.

Together we will concentrate on Your good, we will create an advertisement, we will film it, and we will take care of it’s dispersion, drawing attention to investors. You will get an incorporative atmosphere, absolute freedom, and the opportunity to create innovations. If you will be successful in these consultations, you will gain a priceless experience, you will extend your outlook, and you will gain professional knowledge. And of course you will spend a good time!


 “A flight” – votes of the best idea. In the end of this project we selected most original and most innovative ideas from your municipality. The best idea got a prize of 1000 Lt.

All ideas were placed on a social network Facebook wall, where most original and innovative idea were  selected – 50% of success depended on assessors of Facebook and 50% of success depended on experts.

Experts assessed ideas according to these criteria:

  1. Rarity of idea, how much it is unconventional, unusual, and distinctive.
  2. A new way how to satisfy public needs.
  3. Creativity and logical comparison.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to plagiarize ideas.
  5. Solution of the problem. The idea has to solve problems of future users and satisfy certain needs.
  6. Defined accurate user group. A clear market recess.
  7. Opportunity of commercialization. Conversion of ideas to commercial products and bringing it in recess.