The Three Questions Model of Developing Social Entrepreneurs (T3QM) is an innovative methodology proven to create jobs and develop social entrepreneurial skills (both soft and hard skills). Starting a business should be accessible to everyone. Yet, many aspiring business people are discouraged by the complex, time consuming steps required to start a business. T3QM is about ensuring that the opportunities of social entrepreneurship are open to any individual. To ensure this, T3QM uses practical business material that puts sales and income first.


T3QM project:


  • increase the capacity of adult educators to develop entrepreneurial skills amongst adult learners;
  • transfere and adapte a methodology of job creation to new socio-cultural environments and linguistic contexts;
  • increase the entrepreneurial capacity of adult learners and enable them to create their own jobs as a result of the methodology.


Target groups:


T3QM is addressed to adult educators, adult learners and organisations involved in social entrepreneurship, but also targets consulting agencies, education centres, aspiring entrepreneurs, policy makers and administrations at regional and national level.


On one hand, adult learners will be involved in the creation of a new, highly individualised, method of developing entrepreneurial capacities. They will have access to e-materials and e-consultants, when they are in need of extra support after the lifetime of the project.


On the other hand, adult educators will learn a new approach to combine input from the worlds of entrepreneurship and education, develop key competencies for entrepreneurship amongst individuals from peripheral and disadvantaged communities, provide tailored support, guidance and motivation in developing entrepreneurs.