These training courses are dedicated to increase the qualification of staff that is directly interacting with customers in hospitality service. Additionally, course aims to improve preparation of coffee and wine presentation skills.

Description of the training:

The main goal of this training is to increase the qualification of staff that is directly interacting with customers in entertainment service. Service personnel will get a chance to develop skills in two areas: coffee preparation and wine presentation.

Coffee preparation part includes knowledge about specifics of different coffee, how to treat different type of coffee or how to use flavours and spices, why decorations are important from the visual angle of service, when decorations can become a branding mark of your company (service), etc. Participants will get familiar with various types of espresso coffee machines, which can prepare different type of coffee and satisfy the taste of the neediest customers. Our lecturers will show the ways how to continue professional development, as this field of service never stands still and needs constant update on new trends of flavours, decorations, mechanisms,  and preparations techniques.

Wine preparation part includes extensive training on how to get familiar, to hand-in and to present wines. Participants will learn about various wines, cuisines and what factors influence quality of wine.

Participants will be introduced to various preparation and presentation examples. Trainings will include demonstrations and practical assignments, participants will need to do individual and group tasks, that will test their knowledge and skills obtained during the training. Participants will have to evaluate their peers, discuss the results in a group session and to contribute with their personal insights.

This program contains 30% of theory and 70% of practical assignments.

Target group:

Bartenders, waiters/waitresses (food, wine, buffet), asst. waiters/waitresses, bar assistants, bus boys/girls.

After the training participants will:

  • Get familiar with different types of coffee;
  • Be able to use different coffee preparation methods;
  • Know and be able to use various table setting techniques;
  • Be able to draw on the coffee (Latte art);
  • Get familiar with different types of wines;
  • Be able to present wines properly;
  • Understand the purpose of snacks and will know the best ways on how to serve the food.

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.