The ability to follow the principle of the effective communication enables us to achieve our goals successfully. Everyone is able to reach qualitative outcomes if they use right methods while interacting with target audience or individuals.

Description of the training:

When people express their perceptions, it will not necessary match the understanding of those who they are talking to, which will lead to mutual disappointment. In order to avoid misunderstanding and to reach positive outcomes in the process of communication, the most useful skill is the ability to understand information, like it is presented by the sender. Moreover, the ability to recognize and to overcome barrier of understanding, which could be met during transmission of the message or at the time when opponent is receiving and interpreting the message, will eliminate many uncomfortable situations from your work.


Target group:

Everyone whose work is related to communication with clients and other team members.

After the training participants will:

  • Know when to start a conversation;
  • Know how to start a conversation;
  • Understand how to start a conversation in difficult situations;
  • Realize when a conversation is effective and when it is not;
  • Be able to form effective communication provisions;
  • Develop communication skills;
  • Be familiar with principles of effective communication;
  • Know the features of non-verbal (body language) communication and will be able to apply them;
  • Understand the key challenges that occur in communication;
  • Recognize difficult situations in the communication process and will be able to avoid them.

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.