The importance of coffee breaks at work probably will never be understood by those who do not take it. So if you are one of those who think that coffee breaks are useless, we have news for you – science has proved you are wrong.

Psychologists and doctors have agreed that ability to manage stress levels is directly related to a habit of taking regular breaks. Most of us do not have a luxury to take a nap during working hours, however, taking a break to have some coffee, tea or cigarette and chat with colleagues away from your screen may work in favor of your work productivity. When you are intensively working, especially if you are sitting for 9 hours straight, you need to take a short work and talk to someone other than your computer. Coffee breaks at work help you to connect with colleagues and give a chance to clear your head.

With the rapid advancement of technology allowing us to get more done in a day but also preventing us from ever truly ‘switching off’, the once widespread office coffee break has suffered a decline. In a wider sense, coffee breaks at work are understudied as a workplace behavior, but it’s more than that. It’s kind of a ritual that has an obvious social importance.  Dr. Pernille Stroebaek is confident that coffee breaks should not be considered as a ‘waste’ of productivity: “Coffee breaks should be treated as communal practices that allow communities of coping to develop.”

Moreover, Fineman and Sturdy research emphasis that it is important to allow coffee breaks because it may be a central social activity, allowing employee to have informal conversations in the corners and corridors of a workplace. These casual chats are of the utmost importance as much human creativity happens here.


While coffee, tea, or cigarettes breaks are significant, coffee itself is important too. According to experts, a cup of hot coffee can give you an instant burst of energy as it contains a high percentage of caffeine. And if you add a touch of cocoa to your coffee imparting a chocolate creamy taste, it will definitely boost your mood, especially, around winter season holidays.

Meanwhile, researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine reveled caffeine’s role in improving memory and concentration of employees at work, which significantly reduce the number of mistakes they make. Scholars also suggest that drinking coffee could help to reduce accidents at work, traffic crashes involving people at the end of long shifts and even medical errors by doctors on call for long periods of time.

Hence, everyone needs to take a break. It’s a human nature. Therefore, an employer who cares not only about work done, but also about social atmosphere at work, is a good employer. Furthermore, the best ways to encourage your hard-working employees to take a break now and then is to install a hot drinks vending machine in your office.

So… let’s have a coffee break, your work can wait for a few more minutes!

Raimonda Iškauskaitė