Ability to concentrate and exercise creative thinking is one of the most important abilities in implementing right decisions and finding successful solutions. Focus on work process leads to qualitative outcomes and profitable results.

Description of the training:

Advice to focus on solution seems too easy to be true, but this simple philosophy may help you to avoid fruitless search for causes of problems and empower you to move forward towards the goal. Focus on solution and not on problems means focus on the future and not on the past (or success and not failure) – this positive and practical attitude will lead you to evident progress.

This attitude makes even global companies to pause and reflect on their activities. It does not matter if you are a director, a manager, a coaching specialist or a consultant, you can always start to apply these simple, easy, and effective tools for smoother process on daily bases.

In accordance to various research, there are hundreds of directors, managers, coaching specialists, who have tried focus on solution approach and since then it became a primary tool when fast and effective solution is needed. This ensures straight and practical way towards real and operative changes with limited investments and resources.

Target group:

Every employee and employer.

After the training participants will:

  • Know how to be highly productive in a short period of time at work and in personal life;
  • Be able to apply focus on solution tools in practical situations;
  • Understand the differences and similarities between focus on solution and other problem solving approaches and will be able to explain the advantages of focus on solution method;
  • Be able to use focus on solution method at work in team and individually as well as in any other life situation whether it will be related to work or personal life.

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.