Competences of leadership and management can be developed. However, to reach it special tools and methods are required. And coaching is one of the tools, which helps to develop future leaders in any company or enterprise.

Description of the training:

If a manager is also a successful leader, he/she will be able to inspire people, influence them positively and will not need to use manipulation or other harmful methods to reach his/her goals. However, even successful leaders sometimes encounter obstacles interfering with their ability to perform at their best. Therefore, leadership skills and emotional intelligence are key tools that any manager must apply in their work if they want to be successful. The good news is that these skills can be developed and coaching is one of the most effective means to achieve it in a timesaving manner with minimum resources.

Moreover, manager, who is coaching junior employee to become leader and applies leadership teaching methods, emotional intelligence techniques, inspiration raising means, and psychological trainings on how to overcome challenges, such like fair, lack of self-confidence and inner motivation, inner chaos, etc. – is a first-class manager. Managers should work with the employee step-by-step solving existing problems together in real time, applying theory, methods, and techniques for real situations. However, there is one condition, the person who wants to be a leader, has to be matured enough and highly motivated to develop as a professional for the sake of a company and personal reasons. Courage and determination are needed as any changes require efforts and actions.

Fortunately, the number of such people is rapidly increasing in Lithuania.

Target group:

middle and highest level managers.

After the training participants will:

  • be able to analyse and seek for broader understanding what leadership and management is, will go deep into leadership principles and means, will do case analysis on leaders’ mistakes that are usually met;
  • be introduced to the leadership coaching tools that are applied in effective communication, motivation and delegation of tasks;
  • be encouraged to find leadership style that is the most suitable for them;
  • develop skills that are needed for effective communication with employees;
  • develop personal ability to make influence;
  • learn how to provide constructive feedback;
  • understand how to be more flexible, more energetic and more positive, even in situations that might seem complicated;
  • be able to apply efficient tools in the meetings and joint decision-making sessions;
  • be able to identify factors that motivate employees.

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.