Today personal coaching primarily is seen as a way of learning and personal development. However, managers, who apply this method in their activities, observe positive results in the work-tasks implementation and affirm that personal coaching is effective tool that helps to stimulate changes.

Description of the training:

Development of the person and growth of the personality is hugely related to personal changes and has an effect on inner mode, better connection to the environment and self. The growth in an organization could be seen not just as climbing the career ladders, but also as a way of constant development of competencies, skills and knowledge acquired for personal growth and education.

The particularity of personal coaching as a teaching method is that it directly affects person and his/her inner capacities. While personal coaching encourages inner changes, it also stimulates people to use newly discovered capacities in their work as well as in their private life. Human is an unpolished diamond, which needs professional touch to start shining.


Target group:

Everyone who are motivated to educate themselves.

After the training participants will:

  • be able to know themselves better;
  • gain additional skills and knowledge;
  • improve relationships with environment and themselves;
  • discover inner motivation;
  • mobilize inner potential;
  • ascertain goals;
  • find the straightest ways to reach their goals;
  • be able to create emotional balance at work and in personal life

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.