The good performance of the organization provides financial benefits. We believe that clients dictate how many people will be employed and what salaries will be paid by employers; therefore, sales person needs to apply smart methods to keep attracting clients and making them loyal.

Description of the training:

As we are different people, our understanding on what is qualitative customer service will differ as well. Quality is a subjective notion because each person has his own description of it. It is proved that memories about quality stay much longer than details about the price. So, if you want to ensure qualitative and comprehensive customer service, you have to follow customer service standards and to write down customer service norms, which will help the employees to know what standard is applied and what is verbal and behaviour communication norm in the company.

We show how to seek for a harmony between employer’s and employees’ interests. We are partners. As experience shows, development of good interconnection between people foster better self-disciplinary, which guarantees personal stability, first-class customer service, vast productivity and increasing profit that is shared between everyone: employees, stakeholders, and managers of the company.

Target group:

Sales professionals and marketing personnel who are in direct contact with customers while selling product or service of the company. Also sales managers, executives and other stakeholders.

Size of the group: 25 – 30 participants.

After the training participants will:

  • change their attitude towards sales and will become experts in sales’ initiation, development and completion;
  • know and understand sales support strategies;
  • know and understand how to increase sales opportunities and how to form personal network of your own clients;
  • master the art of influence and persuasion;
  • increase self-confidence in communication
  • increase productivity and quality of the outcomes;
  • find out what is needed to start conversation with a client and how to wrap it up;
  • know how to introduce product in appropriate form;
  • learn how to control emotions;
  • understand how to avoid conflicts and how to control them;
  • discover ways which will vouch loyalty of the customers;
  • know and will be able to analyze sales simulations;