Many of would like to engage only into our favourite activities, to enjoy life, and to go to work with the same mood as if we were going to the party. We read books, articles, and then we catch ourselves thinking why I don’t experience that kind of luck, what am I doing wrong?
We realize that we are afraid to get out of our comfort zone in order to change something, afraid to lose money, and afraid to hear “I told you so”. Then naturally, your head becomes full of doubts saying that it is not worth it and the market is overflowing with everything. But if you do not try it, there is a great chance you may regret it for the rest of our life. Imagine that someone starts your business idea and turns to a successful businessman, this would make your regrets even bigger.

Vilnius has a lot of restaurants, bars and fast food hubs. However, Antonas Tarejevas with his friend Rūta believed in their success and opened the first vegetarian fast-food restaurant in the capital which is open for 24 hours even on weekends. logo_zatarA.Tarejevas was telling us that becoming a businessman was never the main purpose. The owner affirms that his business “Zatar” is more like a lifestyle than a work. “I can hardly imagine a different life. I enjoy work because I do what I like”. Of course, as Tarejevas said, sometimes word “like” turns into “need” zatar_vilniusbut if they complement each other the approach to the work is completely different. “Great responsibility, risks and uncertainties provide me freedom to build a business”.

He confessed that until opening falafel and humus restaurant in the centre of Vilnius Antonas had no experience in similar activities. „I had no experience in this certain area but I used to do a lot of business that included  taxes, organizing events and design quite a lot” – said the leader.

Antonas Terejevas is very fond of travelling. He has visited many different countries but the trip to Lebanon was unique and crucial because it brought him to the point of deciding to stop hesitating and to build business. The beginning was not easy due to the fact that banks are not quick to lend money to young start-ups. This question was  solved with the help of “Invega” (JSC “Investment and Business Guarantees“ ) guarantee, which serves  as part of the required collateral for the bank.

Antonas did not have entrepreneurial skills or knowledge. On the other hand, what is the use of knowing theory, if you do not apply it into practice? “I’ve had experience in organizing events, I have worked with taxes. You can’t learn experience, you can only gain it” – said A. Tarejevas.falafel_and_hummus_zatar

This is the first feeding related fellow business for people who used to work with cultural projects before. Rūta Zalieckienė previously organized “Flea festival” worked in public relations marketing area, lived in Ireland and Great Britain. Meantime, Antonas Tarejevas is known in Lithuania as a long time “Yaga” festival organizer.

A.Tarejevas encourages to take the first steps those who secretly think about their own business. “You have to do what you like to do. It is also essential to be brave and accept challenges, learn not only from yours but from other people mistakes as well. Work a lot and consistently. Know how to enjoy life and believe in your own ideas” – the entrepreneur was listing key elements of success. zatar_spiceOdd but easily remembered name “Zatar” is innovatively sounding, simple, strong ant strict. It isn’t just a name: “ Zatar is a mixture of oriental spices. We use it in our cooking”.

According to “Zatar” chief, it is very important to have a unique idea, figure out how to adapt to the changing market and customer needs. “Successful marketing and an individual approach, which in my opinion is the most important, are the key elements of a successful business,” – Antonas Tarejevas shared business tips benevolently.

Vilma Vitkauskaitė, Intern at Institute