Performance evaluation

Employees are the most powerful engine in every team – they can work hard and bring results or they can work overtime but stand at the same point. Forget all questions how to perform evaluation! We know how to measure effectiveness and make better results in your company.

Performance evaluation is the process of evaluating how effectively employees are fulfilling their job responsibilities and contributing to the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Performance Evaluation is defined as a formal and productive procedure to measure an employee’s work and results based on their job responsibilities. It is used to gauge the amount of value added by an employee in terms of increased business revenue, in comparison to industry standards and overall
employee return on investment (ROI).

All organizations that have learned the art of “winning from within” by focusing inward towards their employees, rely on a systematic performance evaluation process to measure and evaluate employee performance regularly. Ideally, employees are graded annually on their work anniversaries based on which they are either promoted or are given suitable distribution of salary raises. Performance evaluation also plays a direct role in providing periodic feedback to employees, such that they are more
self-aware in terms of their performance metrics.

What is the purpose of performance evaluation?


Periodic performance evaluation is an employee’s report card from his/her manager that acknowledges the work he/she has done in a specific time and the scope for improvement.

An employer can provide consistent feedback on an employee’s strengths and strive for improvement in the areas that the employees need to work on.

It is an integrated platform for both the employee and employer to attain common ground on what both think is befitting a quality performance. This helps in improving communication, which usually leads to better and more accurate team metrics and, thus, improved performance results.

The goal of this entire process of performance evaluation is to improve the way a team or an organization functions, to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

A manager should evaluate his/her team member regularly and not just once a year. This way, the team can avert new and unexpected problems with constant work being done to improve competence and efficiency.

An organization’s management can conduct frequent employee training and skill development sessions based on the development areas recognized after a performance evaluation session.

The management can effectively manage the team and conduct productive resource allocation after evaluating the goals and preset standards of performance.

Regular performance evaluation can help determine the scope of growth in an employee’s career and the level of motivation with which he/she contributes towards the success of an organization. Performance evaluation lets an employee understand where does he/she stands as compared to others in the organization.