The meeting of the lecturers of the project “Who Am I?!” in Italy

The meeting is organized on May 14 – 17 and takes place in Padova city, Italy. The event is hosted by Forema S.c.a.r.l institution. The main purpose of Lithuanian delegates is to gain competence to be able to work with the project N° VP1-1.3-SADM-02-K-03-127 “Who Am I?!” according to the section “Intensive personnel training course in Italy” (“Training according employer“). During the business trip the employees will improve their skills of:kas_as_projektas

  • What methods of training should be used;
  • The methods of teaching adults in case to match the training and the needs of employers
  • To train the employees concentrating on particular work/ improving special skills and knowledge required by employers

The first “Who Am I?!”partners’ meeting

16 May the first meeting of “Who Am I?!” was organized. During the meeting partners had a chance to meet each participating institution in both formal and informal environments. Also they represented their works. The main purpose of the meeting was to highlight the main goals of the project and the possible results. The activity strategy was also discussed and the partners shared their responsibilities. Finally, the main activities and the probable dates were indicated.

“Who Am I?!” – that‘s the question!

This March the activities of the project “Who Am I?!” (VP1-1.3-SADM-02-K) will be started by the “Profesijų spektras“ institution together with “European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute” and other partners.

Society should be tolerant to those socially distinctive and accept their rights as well as help them maintain their dignity and the sense of equality to the others, to participate in social activities and politics; also to fight against stereotypes and stigmatization, to maintain the quality of life, social welfare, child welfare and equal rights to all society members.

/Lithuania’s progress strategy “Lietuva 2030“/

Maintaining intelligence among the society requires the different kinds of training appliances. It is important for the members of society to be integrated in social life as it usually is significant factor in reducing poverty and social boundaries. The creativity and openness are the most important features of society to be capable to adapt to the changes and innovations inside it, using them in creating social welfare. For this reason, one of the biggest problems of society’s integration in labor market is that the training of socially distinctive members is often only related to informing and consulting not to the real integration in practical process.

The idea of the project “Who Am I?!” was raised concerning the issues and aims as well the situation of socially distinctive people explained in Lithuania’s progress strategy “Lietuva 2030“

Duration of project: 36 months

The aim of the project:

To integrate more non – working disabled people, orphans (from 16 years old) living in orphan houses and youth from boarding – schools  (16 – 29 years old) in labor market  and expand their possibilities to be employed.  For this reason it is necessary:

  • To provide more educated personnel that is capable to work with the specific groups of the project and learning methods in case to increase the quality of training and integration in labor market.
  • To explore the level of knowledge and needs of all the participants and organize the training, practical tasks to motivate them, increase the level of self – esteem, communicative and professional skills that are significant in integration in labor market.
  • To increase the number of non – working disabled people, orphans (from 16 years old) living in orphan houses and youth from boarding – schools (16 – 29 years old) directly integrated in labor market.

Short project description:

The main problems of disabled people, orphans living in social institutions, youth from boarding – schools are unemployment, improper professional qualification, lack of communicative and social skills. Almost half (42 %) of being inquired young people after leaving the orphan houses have no job and do not study: about 50 % after leaving the social institutions have to deal with difficulties in finding a job. Almost half (48 %) of the respondents had finished school after 10th grade, 22 % of being inquired had had high school diploma but no professional competence or skills. More than 80 % of young people had never been involved in any social or creative activity. These facts indicate the lack of community sense, social orientation and motivation as well as narrow – minded point of view. Only 30 % of respondents expressed the desire to get a job, while 60 % had no intention to work but live depending on their allowance. It indicates their passiveness and lack of motivation.

To solve those problems, participants will be trained for 6 months to gain some motivation, professional, communicative and social skills that are necessary to get a job. Training course will be provided for 210 people, divided in smaller groups that come from 7 different municipalities: Druskininkų, Klaipėdos, Marijampolės, Kauno, Utenos, Šiaulių, Alytaus.

After finishing the course 151 of participants will have a chance to do practical activity, 103 of them are supposed to be employed. Innovative system methods as coaching to motivate participants will be applied during the training as well as the specific program consisting of common and specific knowledge, organized according to the requirements of employers.

Project bearer

„Profesijų spektras“branch, Druskininkai



 Partners are from 3 categories: 1 –science institution in each municipality, 2 – active communities, employer’s organization.


“Profesijų spektras”branch, Marijampolė

Alytaus kolegija

Kaunas Adult Education centre

Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre

Utenos kolegija

Klaipėda Labor Market training centre


UAB „Progresyvių technologijų grupė“

Lithuanian national drivers association „LINAVA“

“Europe Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute”

UAB „Prekybos marketingo paslaugos“

UAB „SMS Consulting“

UAB „Druskeda“

Viečiūnai village community „Versmė“

Marijampolė municipality’s disabled company

Punia village social organization PUNIOS AINIAI

Kulautuvos community centre

Aukštelkė village community „Aukštarūžė“

Leliūnai subdistrict community

Community „Daukšaičų pušinėlis“

International project partner

Forema Formazione per lo sviluppo dell‘impresa (Italy)